Paper and Memory at Heron Studio

    Jan Marinos is a paper maker, community artist and teacher working in NW Tasmania, Australia. She works from Heron Studio at Sisters Beach , a small coastal village within the Rocky Cape National Park.

    “My artwork comes from a passion for working with handmade paper and the many possibilities it suggests through natures abundant fibres and forms. Many years have been devoted to exploring the possibilities of handmade paper as an art medium. I have specialized in developing my skills with pulp painting, combining my love of working with colour and texture to create subtle rhythmical patterns with layers of dyed pulp. I also enjoy making a range of handmade paper embossed cards, artist print cards, bookmarks, handmade books and Tasmanian plant papers.

    It is an extremely beautiful place and inspires me to work to reflect the natural beauty of the Tasmanian Landscape.”

    This site is a series of galleries about the Tasmanian Landscape, and includes seascapes, forest impressions and other abstract art works using my hand made papers. Also included is a special tribute to Charlie Turner and his Banksia Studio – a truely unique Tasmanian papermaker, chemist, botanist, environmental activist and artist.